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Save some money and time – Learn how!

Car owners need to be prepared to pay the insurance, maintenance and repair costs for their vehicles. You can’t afford them (but you can get car insurance quote), you don’t get a car, it is that simple. However, sometimes you may afford such costs but not be aware of it.

If you didn’t know it, you should find out that there are some car maintenance and repair operations you can do yourself. Just read this article, as it may help you save some money and time.

Squeaking brakes or pedals are annoying, so if that occurs, you are most probably going to go to your car repair shop to get them fixed. However, with a little oil and time, you can fix them yourself and save the money for something else. Actually the oil is for squeaking pedals. You can buy one of those cans that come with a nozzle, direct it on the squeaky joint and apply generously while pushing the pedal repeatedly until you don’t hear the noise anymore.

The brakes may need replacement of the discs. If you are a little skilled, you can do it yourself. If you are a girl with nice nails, you may want to skip this tip and go to a mechanic to have your problem sorted out.

If you have to change a light bulb, you don’t need to go to a car repair shop. you can do it, even if your car is a newer model that has very little access space for bulb changing operations. What you can do is to read first the car manual and see if the procedure is described there. If it is, you are good to go and try it for yourself. If it is not, just do an online search and you are most probably going to find some good instructions from other car owners who did it and took photos or made films in the process. You can save a lot of money, because light bulbs are cheaper in the normal stores and you won’t have to pay for the worker’s time and effort.

These are only two examples of things you can do by yourself when it comes to repairing your car. You can also change the motor oil and the filters, as all you need is a ramp to put your car on, so that you gain access to its bottom side. The rest is as easy as unscrewing and screwing a few knobs.